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Fire Damage

Fire can cause extended damage to a home. Such damage can be very hard to repair by homeowners, as they don’t have the right equipment and the knowledge of what to do to restore a property that suffered from a fire to its initial status. Our team has the equipment and resources to help you.

Water Damage

If your home has been affected by water, the main thing you should know is that the speed of reaction is crucial for limiting the damage considerably. Every hour counts, as stale water can create a mess that could prove impossible to manage. You should get immediate services to help you

Smoke and Soot Damage

A house affected by fire needs the intervention of expert teams in order to return to its original condition. There are multiple problems after a fire. Wooden things may be destroyed in the flames, water from firefighters may affect what’s left of the interior and smoke and soot can make it impossible to continue living in that space anymore.

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Insurance And Water Damage – What You Need To Know The reason why you have homeowners insurance in the first place is to protect you from damage.  However, certain problems are known for being difficult to get coverage for.  Water damage is one of those issues.  Although water damage is covered by insurance policies, they

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Olive Hill Fire & Water

Fire And Water Damage Restoration From www.olivehillfire.com   Have you recently been the victim of a fire which damaged a small or large portion of your home? Perhaps you had flooding as the result of natural flooding from storms in the area, a broken waterpipe main, or a sewage backup that has spewed sewage onto

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